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Multi-Purpose Ricer: Other Uses for Your Potato Ricer

The name may suggest they're only good for one thing, but potato ricers make multiple cooking processes simpler.

Typically resembling a large garlic press, a potato ricer is a tool with two long handles and a basket lined with small holes at the bottom that are approximately the diameter of a grain of rice. The tool is ideal for mashing potatoes, as it breaks them down to the perfect texture without over-processing and making them gluey. But a ricer can be used for a whole lot more than just potatoes.


    Try using your ricer to wring excess moisture out of sauerkraut or frozen spinach. Just be sure to do this in batches to drain all the moisture you can — there's nothing worse than a perfectly textured dish turning soggy at the end.
    Or, use the tool to mash other soft foods, such as avocado. It works great for getting smooth guacamole every time.

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