Are Aperol and Campari the same thing?

Are Aperol and Campari the same thing? How are they different?

Are Aperol and Campari the same thing? Aperol vs Campari

Aperol and Campari are similar, but different. Both are Italian aperitifs or aperitivo spirits, meaning they’re traditionally a pre-dinner drink, and also a common ingredient in many cocktails.

Aperol is Italy’s favorite light aperitif, while Campari is the world’s most famous. They’re both somewhat bitter, but Aperol is a little less so, and therefore a tad sweeter. Aperol is bright orange in color, and its flavor is described as spicy orange-rhubarb. Campari is crimson red, and famous for its bitter-sweet, some say slightly astringent, taste. It’s considered somewhat rhubarb-flavored, too, with hints of berries and floral herbs.

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