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Why You Need a Pair of Kitchen Tweezers

Kitchen tweezers may seem like an unnecessary, restaurant-only kitchen tool for placing and removing the smallest or most delicate ingredients. But they are incredibly useful in the home kitchen as well. Here are some of the best uses for tweezers in your kitchen.

An Easy Way to Test Avocados for Ripeness

Ever cut into an avocado that felt ripe to the touch, only to discover that it wasn’t? Here’s an easy way to test your avocado for ripeness without cutting up the fruit.

DIY Non-Stick Muffin Liners

Baking cups are great for keeping muffin tins clean, but sometimes the muffins stick to them, leaving behind parts of your muffin and leaving them looking mangled. Here's a quick tip to make your muffin liners nonstick!

Why You Need Squeeze Bottles in Your Kitchen

Squeeze bottles give you easy access to the most-used ingredients in the kitchen—and also help give you more precision when you're adding ingredients to recipes. Here are a few simple ways to use squeeze bottles in your kitchen.

How to Reduce Boilovers

Boilovers can cause a real mess in the kitchen and can even ruin a recipe, costing you time and money. Here's a simple way to reduce the likelihood of pot boilovers—it's not foolproof, so make sure to keep your eye on the stove.

The Many Uses for a Bench Scraper

One of the best kitchen tools is the bench knife (also known as a pastry or dough scraper). It’s a baker’s best friend and performs many tasks. Here are a few ways to use one in your kitchen.

How to Make Butter From Overwhipped Cream

Have you ever turned on your mixer to whip some cream and—OOPS—got distracted and forgot about it, only to return to clumpy, overwhipped cream? Don't throw it out...make butter!

How to Fold Ingredients for Baking With a Whisk

The way you whip and fold egg whites or whipped cream into batters is crucial to the success of your baked goods. A rubber spatula is the most common tool used to fold ingredients, but there's one that does the job even better. See our tip for how to fold whipped ingredients into batters for baking success.

How to Cut Perfect Cheesecake Slices with Floss

Cutting cheesecake with a knife can leave a real mess behind—and can really butcher your cheesecake slices. Here's a simple tip to cut perfect cheesecake slices with a basic household item you're sure to have.

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