How to Cut Onions

Onions play an integral role in virtually everything you cook, so knowing how to make the basic cuts is an indispensable skill.


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Onions truly are the workhorse of the kitchen. They’re inexpensive, full of health benefits, and are as versatile as can be. And with as many recipes and cooking methods for onions as there are, this stock-pot wonder is more than just a mirepoix member.

Whether you’ve never cut an onion before, or you just need a refresher course, this step-by-step tutorial will guide you through how to dice, mince, slice, and make onion rings. With some simple knife work, you’ll be cooking in no time. All you need is a sharp knife and a sturdy, stable cutting board.

Getting Started: How to Peel an Onion


For each of the following preparations, start with two simple steps, then proceed to the cutting method that best suits your needs.

Article-How-to-Cut-Onions-InarticleGettingStarted Slice off the blossom end of the onion, then peel the onion, leaving the root end intact.

How to Slice an Onion

Article-How-to-Cut-Onions-InarticleSlicing Slice off the root end of onion, then halve lengthwise. Make lengthwise radial cuts through the onion.

How to Mince & Dice an Onion

The procedure for dicing and mincing is the same. Space cuts tightly together for a mince and space further apart for a dice.

Article-How-to-Cut-Onions-InarticleDicing1 Halve onion lengthwise, then make evenly spaced lengthwise cuts, from root to blossom end, without cutting through the root.

Article-How-to-Cut-Onions-InarticleDicing2 Make evenly spaced horizontal cuts, from blossom to root end, slicing up to, but not through root.

Article-How-to-Cut-Onions-InarticleDicing3 Make crosswise cuts starting at the blossom end, and finishing at the root end. Discard root end.

How to Create Onion Rings

Article-How-to-Cut-Onions-InarticleRings Hold the root end of onion, then make crosswise cuts, starting at the blossom end. Discard root end.

How to Prep an Onion for a Blossom or Lily

Follow these steps to prepare the onion for the Onion Lily recipe.

Article-How-to-Cut-Onions-InarticleOnionlily Going through the blossom end, cut a 1-inch-diameter hole from the center of the onion with a paring knife or utility knife, cutting up to, but not going through the root end.

Article-How-to-Cut-Onions-InarticleOnionlily2 Slicing up to, but not going through the root end, quarter the onion from the blossom end, and slice each quarter into thirds.

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