Roll-Cutting Carrots

Here's an essential chopping technique: roll-cutting is the perfect chopping technique for cone-shaped vegetables, like carrots and parsnips, because it helps guarantee uniformly shaped cuts. This type of cut helps these types of vegetables cook faster than a standard chop because it creates a larger surface area and the pieces are the same size. The roll cut is always called the oblique cut.


hi there today I'm going to teach you how to roll cut carrots another name for this is oblique cut and what it is is just a little bit of a fancier look to your carrot than your traditional slice but it's really easy and I'm not sure how so what you want to start with is just a carrot here you peeled it trim the ends off and every cut you make is going to be a 45 degree angle cut on the carrot so you've made one cut cut your parrot off and then you just rotate the carrot a quarter turn and then we're gonna make another cut rotate it again order cut rotate again

watch your fingers as you get to the end here well she wrote

To roll (or oblique) cut a carrot, first cut at a 45-degree angle, give the carrot a quarter turn, cut again, and repeat. See the technique demonstrated here.