Removing Keel Bone

Learn how to spatchcock a chicken with this short technique video from the test kitchen of Cuisine at Home magazine. We’ll show you how to remove the keel bone and cut the leg joints for even cooking.


today I'm going to show you how to spent [ __ ] your chicken for roasting and or for grilling but it's takes some work so let's be prepared first you're going to want to flip it on the back or on its breast and then you want to take out the backbone this is what a good pair of kitchen shears is good for

then you may need to use two hands to get through the ribs then you have the backbone you can save this for stock or discard it next we'll be looking to the rugby side of the chicken and you'll see this is the keel bone here this is the key to flattening the chicken for spatchcock you'll find a bony piece up here and then this is all cartilage down here you'll start by splitting the boning piece then running your fingers on either side of the cartilage to separate it away from the rib meat there we go

then we'll just pop the keel bone or it'll pop itself I guess and just peel it out

without tearing the chicken so that you end up with the bone and the cartilage then flip your chicken over see it's nice and flat and to ensure that your legs and thighs will cook approximately at the same time as the breast meat you want to find the joint and just get that a little slice cut through on the joint I may have to pull it a little taut it's right there you can pretty much see it

and you're ready to go chicken for the grill or for roasting

The keel bone is the dark looking breastbone that runs along the middle of the chicken's cavity. Removing it allows the split-open bird to lay as flat as possible.