Making Tangzhong Paste (for Milk Bread)

A key technique when making milk bread — tangzhong [tang-CHUNG] involves cooking a portion of the flour and liquids (in this case milk and water) to make a pudding-like paste. By heating a portion of the liquids, more liquid can be added to the dough, which makes for a super-hydrated dough that yields bread that is both moist and fluffy.


and 1/4 cup of whole milk then add a quarter cup of water and 3 tablespoons of bread flour whisk until smooth then heat over low whisking constantly until it's smooth thickened and a pudding like consistency but still pourable

Tangzhong paste might sound fancy and difficult, but it's super simple to make, it's just like making a roux. And, it makes all the difference in yielding a tender, moist, and fluffy loaf of bread (or rolls).