How to Roast Peppers

Roasting peppers is an invaluable skill to learn in the kitchen! You can make salsas, sauces, and delicious side dishes with your roasted peppers. Here's how to roast peppers.


hi today I'm going to show you how to roast peppers not just bell peppers but you can roast poblanos or Anaheim's jalapenos whatever you have one of the things I look for when I know I'm going to roast peppers is to find a broad flat surface not kind of devoid of these creases along the side because they're so deep the skin doesn't necessarily get toasted all you have to do is put it over a direct flame I like to do these on medium high flame I don't want to do it on high flame because it'll actually just burn it we're looking for a little caramel is Asian of the sugars inside the pepper to give it a richer flavor so then it's just a matter of keeping an eye on it you'll start to see the pepper you get a couple of different colors on it as it starts to heat through here some steam escaping I'm constantly manipulating it so I can get the optimum amount of plane to the surface area of the pepper and this is what you want to start looking for but you want it to be uniform throughout again I check it and manipulate see where there's places that it's not charring and I can put that directly into it's one of those creases I was talking about like just right over the flame if you'd like you can put it up like this and get those crowns off the top then what we're gonna do and we're completed our roasting just put it in a bowl and cover it with plastic wrap you can see it immediately starts to steam up the steam itself actually helps to peel the pepper it comes in between the flesh and the skin and it Blanche's it basically as you would with a peach or a tomato and it makes it very easy to peel now that we've roasted and steamed the pepper I'll show you how we clean it up you can see we have a good amount of steam look at that that's fantastic so you know it's done really well it's been about 15 minutes simple enough you take it out remove the core and hopefully as you do that a big chunk of the seeds will come off with the pot nice then I'm gonna cut it in half check out the underside here the ribs are where it's a little bitter or hot so I always cut those out someone sees you probably won't get a hundred percent of the seats you probably won't get a hundred percent of the skin but you can get pretty close so then we turn them over and you can see it's already steamed enough that some of the skin is coming off right away what I like to do is just start start it with my thumb and start peeling away you're tempted to rinse this make it much faster and cleaner to do it over a sink or with water running over it but that's actually washing away the flavor that you've been trying to develop even good so that's it that's the show roasted peppers and chop dice turn these into strips leave them whole pickle up have a great time with roasted peppers thanks

Here's how to roast peppers over a gas cooktop.