How to Remove Tomato Skins

Removing the skin from tomatoes is a crucial step to successful canning, plus it's necessary to make delicious salsas and tomato sauces. Watch this video to see how to easily peel tomatoes.


hi everyone today I'm going to teach you how to remove the skins from tomatoes so you start off with your tomatoes I like to use a paring knife it's a lot easier to handle for this step so you start make an X on the bottom of it just lightly score it no need to go too deep that way it'll help the skins pull away once you plunge them into the hot water once at the water's boiling I like to get quite a few ready because your pot can hold quite a few and it doesn't take long for this to work next once the water starts to boil you're going to take your Tomatoes I like to use our spider plunge them in what you're looking for is where you made your X on the bottom you scored it'll cause the tomato skins to pull away and crack up the sides so it will make peeling a lot easier and it doesn't take long to start seeing that you're not cooking these you're just putting them in there long enough to get the peels to start pulling away so here's a good crack you can see the skins pulling away right where you made your X that is just what you need you plunge it in your ice water to help cool it down so it makes peeling them a lot easier I like to keep a cutting board right inside a sheet pan it kind of keeps everything together so that way all your mess right here easy cleanup so now you can see it's cooled down and they just peel right away

Here's the step-by-step process to blanch and peel tomatoes, for use in tomato sauces to salsas and even more.