How to Prep Artichokes

Artichokes may look intimidating to prep with their prickly petals, but it actually only requires five steps to trim down to the heart and store to prevent from browning.


we're gonna do the artichokes today what you want to look for is an artichoke that squeaks one that feels heavy for its size and is relatively fresh looking not a lot of dehydrated leaves first we'll take off a lot of these miscellaneous leaves on the stem if you're gonna use the stem just cut this part off if you just want to steam it and use the heart and take that photo the circulator water keeps the artichoke from browning too quickly then I'm just going to sweep and cut this one in half and apply that as needed you want to cut them about the first third you can see we're already have four over the choke take off the tough outer leaves again

all the while you want to apply the fresh lemon juice directly on the cut surfaces so then you want to go along and where you haven't you want to trim these thorny tips off turn this and start trimming some of this off going to stuff it you want to go in and take this out the choke out right for the center but if you're gonna do anything other than that would be a lot easier you just cut it in half and then there you can totally see this is the Chuck this is little actually literally Chuck you then you'll just want to carefully go along using a grapefruit spoon yeah fuzzy

this is the artichoke heart this is the creme de la creme this is what you really want to eat we can take this directly and cook

First, use a chef's knife, or your hands, to cut, or break off the stems. Then, trim off and discard the crown (top one inch) of the artichoke — it won't get tender enough to eat. Pull off any small, dehydrated-looking petals around the base of the artichoke. Force the petals apart at the center and scrape out the fuzzy choke. Store the trimmed artichokes in acidulated water — just a fancy name for water with added dstilled white vinegar or fresh lemon juice.