How to Peel Peaches

Learn how to peel peaches the simple way with this quick technique.


hi everyone I'm going to show you how to remove the skins from peaches so some recipes say you're making daiquiris you don't want the skins on there so it's really easy it's simple we first start with is your peaches you don't want them too firm to firm the skins are not going to want to release too soft you're gonna have mush in your hands so you really want peaches in season that are ripe and perfect okay so start by taking the bottom of your peach and scoring an X on the bottom that way this will help release the skins once they plunge into your boiling water I'm going to take my spider place the peaches on there you don't want to burn yourself and then you just dump them in you're just blanching them so let's let's there is a difference you're not cooking them you're blanching up so you're just cooking them until you start to see the skins pull away from the peaches that way you know they are gonna pull off easily once you plunge them into the ice water bath to stop cooking okay now that I see some of this right where I scored it the skins starting to peel away so I'm gonna remove them from the boiling water and plunge them right into the ice water bath this will stop the cooking make them a lot easier to handle and look here I'll try to keep it up so you can see kind of like the peel is pulling away lovely but if this takes a while and you don't think it's working plunge it into your ice water bath cool them down check up see if it's peeling and if it's not pop them right back into the boiling water okay now that they have cooled down enough to touch look at their see it's doing exactly what you want so this is when you would pull it out you see the peach skin pulling right away so that is exactly what you want and you know it shouldn't be tough so it should pull away just simple as that so then what we like to do when they're in season we kind of slice them into hunks individually freeze them store them in your freezer so you can have fresh peaches whenever you'd like

Eating peaches fresh and ripe out of hand is the best way to eat summer's favorite fruit. But if you want to make ice cream or sorbet, daiquiries, or pie, you'll need to lose the skins, and this video will teach you the best, and simplest, way to do it.