How to Make Smash Burgers

Smash your way to one of THE BEST burgers you’ll ever eat.The combination of juicy meat with crispy edges on a tender, toasted bun will bring the biggest smile to your face and make you think you’re in seventh Heaven.


today I'm going to teach you how to make smash burgers and if you've never had one before you're in for a real treat because they're delicious we're gonna start with four ounces of ground beef and we're not gonna shape this into a patty we want the meat to be kind of loose and just gathered together real nicely here and then we've got a seasoning mix and you can see here I've got two tablespoons of kosher salt 1 tbsp black pepper and 2 teaspoons of garlic powder I've also I've got my griddle preheating we're gonna do this over high heat for about two minutes until we start to see just some little wisp of smoke coming up so I'm gonna season my my burger meat on all sides all right so I've seen just some fine wisps of smoke coming off of this griddle so I'm gonna put my meat on here now here's where the smashing part comes back I like to use two spatulas I like to for added leverage what we're gonna do crisscross the spatulas and press down pretty hard

all right you're gonna want to hold this here for 10 seconds because it's gonna help develop the sphere on the underside of the burner and we're gonna get nice crispy edges we're gonna take these off and you can see here I've got one section that hasn't been flattened down don't worry about it you give it a quick little tap down so once we release the spatula we're gonna cook this burger for about 2 minutes on the first side you're looking for the meat juices to start bubbling up through the grains of the meat and that's gonna help cook it through it's gonna keep it juicy and add a lot of flavor to it because that's the fat coming from the meat and the fat equals flavor from

all right so you might be wondering is it okay that I have a regular edges on my burger yes it's okay juices they're not going to be leaking out of here those edges have an opportunity to crisp up and that's what you're looking for so I can see is that the bulk of the underside of the burger is cooked the edges are getting nice and brown I think I'm going to go ahead and flip it good to have a towel on hands one that maybe you don't mind getting dirty you want to hold on to your it'll here because sometimes it wants to shimmy around on you now you do spatula this burger should release pretty easily because if that cooks here but in case it doesn't use the edge of your spatula to really get under it you don't want to lose those perfect events to the grill so here we go burger it's nice and golden brown lots of crispy bits that's exactly what we're looking for and is what's getting the further tons of flavor got plenty of time to open your cheese no need to pre open it and we like American cheese American cheese melts really nicely but you can of course use whatever cheese you like if you want to use the cheese other than American or other than something that melts really easily like the cheddar or a Swiss perhaps um you might want to take a skillet and just pop it over the top for a second you can put a couple drops of water in there to create a little steam it'll help melt that cheese a little bit faster put the cheese right on here start to see immediately it's starting to kind of wilt down the sides of the burger we'll give it another minute but we don't need to let the cheese melt all the way because this the heat of the burner will carry over not bad here we go I'm gonna pull it off the griddle and transfer it my plate I'm gonna get any errant cheese areas off the griddle now it's fun time I like brioche it's soft its flavorful and we're gonna use the cut sides to absorb the drippings from the grill now if you don't have enough drippings if the meat didn't release enough that's okay you can use butter and we're just gonna keep the same heat leave these here for just a minute but check them periodically we don't want them to burn this one's looking pretty good I'll give it another minute but a toasted bun really just takes your burger over the top once you have a toasted bun you're not gonna go back alright so for me this is done

sometimes the inside of your but is a little bit domed and it's hard to get the entire surface golden you can give it another try but don't go crazy it's not the end of the world so I'm gonna scoop my patty up put it right on here a little bit more toasted pop it up you're ready enjoy

The burgers are incredibly juicy, not too thick, and have perfectly crispy edges. That's what makes these SO good. Here's how to make smash burgers at home.