How to Make French Crêpes

The word crêpe just sounds fancy. With just a few simple ingredients, your house will soon look and smell like a French crêperie, but no one will complain about that!


hi everyone I'm gonna teach you how to make a crepe so to get it started we get the pan heated you want to turn it to medium and let it heat for about 2 minutes all right everyone we've let this pan heat up and I think we're good to go so I'm just brushing this pan with melted butter simple next you're gonna take the quarter cup of batter and then you're just gonna twirl your pan then just make a big pancake very thin one though it's okay if it's not perfect that's the beauty of crepes and look as you can see I have a little hole you can just take a little batter fill it in and you never even know so next you just kind of keep an eye check around the pan check your crepe you're looking for some brown lacy edges that takes about a minute so once you're ready you just work your spatula under them take it flip it cook up for an additional 20 to 30 seconds then once again you just kind of lift and peak see if again some brown spots take it over to your wire rack let it cool down now that we've got a couple crepes made I'm gonna show you a little tip put a piece of parchment paper between your crepes you don't have to worry about I'm sticking and they take a lot less room

and now that you have a nice little stack and you might just not eat them all in a day so go ahead put them on a plate or in a resealable bag and pop them into your refrigerator but only keep them for about a day or two extra you don't want to keep them too long and now that I've shown you how easy it is to make a crepe we hope that you give it a try and enjoy it as much as we do so head on over to our website I clean at home comm and check out some other tasty treats we have thanks

With only 7 ingredients and a beater, it takes more time gathering ingredients than it does mixing them together. Here's how to make French crêpes at home.