How to Form & Fry Sesame Balls

Sesame balls are a classic New Year's and birthday treat, but they can be a bit tricky to make. From forming to frying, we've got you covered with this how-to video.


hey there folks today I'm gonna teach you how to assemble and fry sesame balls if you've never had these they're so good they're chewy and crisp all at the same time with a sweet treat in the center I've got the dough made already and this is made out of a glutinous rice flour don't be tempted to swap out for regular rice flour you will not get the same results I've made my dough here rolled it into a ball this is a single serving here and what I'm gonna do is basically make a pinch pot we're just going to use our thumbs and we've got a little of the glutinous rice flour right here if it gets a little too tacky we're just gonna pinch this dough trying to get an even thickness all over and deep enough to hold our filling I have scooped the filling you can see it here it's a number 100 scoop also about two teaspoons you have it proportioned it just kind of makes it a little bit easier your little pinch pot doesn't have to be perfect and they might look different every time you make them and that's okay I'm gonna grab a little piece of the filling this is a sweetened red bean paste don't be turned off by that okay so now we've got the paste in here and I'm gonna kind of pinch the dough up around it and it's okay to experiment with whatever works best for you this is kind of what I found worked best for me so you want to kind of smooth out these lumps here in the dough and then we're gonna roll it again roll it so it's a perfect circle and if you need to check that seam again to make sure it's completely enclosed go ahead and do that we don't want to have any of that filling leaking out in the fryer later on down the road okay I've got a few little fissures in my dough so I'm just going to kind of give those little pinches you can see I'm doing that here and then keep on rolling it the red bean paste that I've got here this is purchased straight out of a can you can buy sweetened red beans and puree them and make your own but it's enough of a procedure already right so by the pre-made I've plotted my ball into just a dish of water just spoon it out let the excess water drain off and then I'm gonna put it into a dish of sesame seeds these are just plain old sesame seeds and we're gonna rotate the ball in here to get it covered as much as possible and then use your fingers to kind of press them in there we want them to stick as much as possible and it's okay to kind of grab more and make sure they're really on there give it a little bit of a roll and as you can see we've kind of got a little perfectly shaped sesame ball here so one done now that our sesame balls are ready to fry we've got some oil heating here in a wok now you don't have to use a wok but a pan that has sort of sloped sides like this is ideal but if all you have is straight sides that'll work too and then you can clip a candy thermometer on but to get started we want to check the temperature of our oil what we're looking for is 325 degrees which if you fry very much you'll know that's pretty low but that's traditional for this little tasty snack so I'm a little high but the temperature is going to drop a little bit as we add the sesame balls to the hot oil if you want to prevent any potential splashing you can just put them right on top of this skimmer and submerge them down into the oil now what we want to do because these sesame balls will sink right to the bottom we're hearing a lot of bubbles right now which means there must be a really are just a lot grittier after a while especially balls are gonna rise to the surface and that's where I'm gonna show you a cool time okay we're pretty close I found in testing that if it goes up to 350 like that's gonna be okay too so try to keep it between 325 and 350 lower-end this look a little bit better even though we're moving these sesame balls around in the oil you want to be a little bit careful because we don't want to splash any oil outside of the wok you can see here that the sesame balls have all floated to the surface of the oil and now this is the important work this skimmer here with a fine mesh in the center is gonna help us we're gonna roll the sesame balls that gets to the side of the wok while they're sort of still submerged in the oil you want to apply gentle pressure it's gonna thin out the skin of the sesame ball and help them cook a little bit better but don't get crazy with the pushing no not have any accidents okay so you can see I sort of have to here in the oil that I'm gently rotating give them a few little little pushes and rolls against the side of the wok just scoop them out move in a couple more move them side to side up and down whichever feels the most natural or comfortable for you is what you should do they're starting to get a little bit golden and we're gonna take them to a light golden brown Chiefs have gotten bigger since we put them in at this point I think I'm just gonna kind of keep them moving in the hot oil and once they are the beautiful golden color we're looking for we're gonna take them out and drain them I've been rotating these around in the oil for quite some time but they're pretty evenly colored on all sides we we kept them off the bottom so they don't have any dark spots so I think at this point I'm gonna go ahead and get these out of here but the excess oil kind of drip off of there and then we're gonna transfer these to a paper town line tray absorb the excess oil turn the heat off on your oil there we go I hope you enjoyed these as much as we do

Watch Haley form and fry sesame balls.