How to Fold (Whipped Cream, etc.)

Folding doesn't pertain only to whipped cream. Anything light and fluffy can be folded into a heavier mixture — here it's whipped cream being folded into puréed fruit to create a mousse.


folding is a technique where a lighter mixture is gently incorporated into a heavier mixture to start folding sacrifice a small portion of the lighter mixture in this case the whipped-cream by stirring it into the heavier mixture place about 1/3 of the remaining whipped cream on top of the cooled fruit then cut through the whipped cream and fruit bringing the mixtures up and folding them over on themselves while at the same time rotating the bowl it's important to be gentle so as not to deflate the air that's been built up in the whipped cream once the lighter mixture is folded in according to your recipe fold the remainder of the lighter mixture in

Learn this simple technique of cutting through two mixtures (one light, the other heavier), lifting them up, and folding them over on themselves over and over until the two mixtures become one, without losing any volume in the process.