How to Fill & Coat Lamingtons

Lamingtons are a classic Australian dessert of sweet, buttery, and light sponge cakes, filled with raspberry jam, coated in chocolate ganache, and rolled in toasted coconut.


this is our lamington cake it's a sponge cake and we've got it out of the oven it's cooled and now we turn it out onto the cutting board we're going to go ahead and trim up the outside edges so that our little pieces when they're cut will be nice and tender all the way around so I'm just gonna start on the side over here nearest to me just gonna trim just a little bit off of the edge very much

so we're done with this you can just discard this or you can just have a little snack to the cookie if you'd like so now what we're going to do is we're going to cut this cake down into 16 equal pieces all I had to do again you are not exactly precise I'm gonna guarantee that your family and your guests are not going to get their rulers out while they're enjoying your dessert and measure above but you want to have you know fairly uniform in size as they look

okay there we go now that we have our 16 equal pieces the next step will be making the hole for the jam to go in step I ball to middle and I like to just kind of poke around make a circle of it you see what I'm doing I'm just kind of you making my circle and then I'm just digging it down turning it as I do that so I can get a nice sized scoop out scoop that one out I'm going to save this one I'm gonna set it aside if I would be putting that was back in after I get that Jam back in there but I'm gonna go back in and I'm going to make another scoop because I want lots of raspberry jam inside of my lamington this one who don't need to say so we're just gonna set it aside I've got a nice Bowl in the middle ready for filling so I can set it aside and set this little pompous side and we move on and do another one that's what we do until we have holes in all of them okay as you can see we've got the holes and all of our pieces of cake so now we're ready for filling it's pretty simple now you can either use a regular teaspoon if you'd like but I have found that I like to use from my silverware drawer the gold is did you get the jam as neat as you can into the wall so whatever works so I'm gonna stir up my jam a little bit here

get some on there here we go so I'm gonna pump it in there a little bit to just push it down okay and I'm filling it pretty close to the top there and then remember we say our first scoop and what we're gonna do is put it right back in that hole tap it down just like that and set it aside okay and now we're down to the last one to fill a horse go here get that going just take too long and it's kind of fun go tap him down there they are all on my sheet here now the next thing we need to do is just we need to cover these I'm going to cover it with some plastic wrap or you can use a towel you just don't want them to dry out and we're gonna let it sit for about an hour and the reason that we're doing that is because we want these to meld together we want those little plugs in there to get all nice and stuck together with the sides and the jam there we go okay now that our lamingtons have sat in the refrigerator for about an hour we're ready to move on to the next step and I've already gotten things ready to go so in this bowl I've got one cup of heavy cream which I brought almost to a boil and then I poured it over eight ounces of chopped semi-sweet chocolate and I've mixed it together until the chocolate is melted so I'm going to go ahead and take to the lamingtons my little squares one at a time dip it in the chocolate toss it into my toasted coconut and put it over here on my baking sheet which I have prepared with a rack so let's get started so I'll take my lamington I'm gonna drop it in here now I'd like to use two forks to do this process it's a little bit less messy than just using your fingers and it works pretty good to toss it around and I just bring it up let any excess drip away drop it on in here instead coconut up around there there's no way to do this without getting some chocolate on your fingers and coated all the way around go ahead and give it a set over there okay now we're down to our last one you put that guy in there Oh team up we date it without having to reheat the chocolate which I'm glad

she's the last one off this door both hands don't all men

here we are we are ready to go what we ultimately left now is we're gonna let up sit for about a half an hour and the reason we're going to do that we want that chocolate to set up nice and firm so the coconut will stick and they'll be ready to enjoy

Here, we show you how to fill the baked cake squares with jam, coat in chocolate, and roll in desiccated coconut.