Cast-Iron Cuisine Care & Cooking

Cast-iron cookware has been around for centuries – and for good reason. These durable kitchen must-haves will be your go-to for cooking just about everything. Plus, you'll learn how to care for your cast-iron cookware correctly — they'll have the nonstick surface of your dreams.


I use cast iron every single day in my restaurant for many different reasons. One reasons why is because it Sears so well, you get the best crust, the best looking food. It also in the long run, it's cheaper actually operating because I don't have to replace my pans every five to seven years. I've had the same hands for about a decade. Now, all I do is just re season them and keep on going. The number one thing I can say about cast iron is it will last forever, proper care proper use. You'll be able to hand this down to your grandkids. Your grandkids will actually hand it down to their grandkids. What's great about cast iron. Is this like one of the only vessels that you can actually start on the top of your stove and then take it and put it right into the oven to finish up.

So it is literally as a one-stop shop for all kinds of cooking or braising to searing has everything. So I'm here to help you be super comfortable with using cast iron. You're going to learn how easy is to use and some recipes that you're actually going to be able to knock at home when you're cooking for others and even yourself to things I love to cook and Castile fried chicken is one of them searing steaks. I mean, it's the perfect nonstick surface, uh, even sauteed vegetables. We're also going to cover some things like care and re seasoning and maintenance. I mean what to do, what not to do so that you can actually use this and use it well for a very long time. So Sam today for my class Kashdan cuisine, Karen cooking.

Highlights of this class:

  • You'll learn how to clean & season your cast iron.

  • It features recipes from three-time James Beard Award nominee, Chef Sean Wilson and Cuisine at Home magazine.

  • Chef Wilson shares his fried chicken, Southern cornbread, deep-dish pizza recipes, and more.

  • Plus, with seven bonus recipes, you’ll learn to cook like the iron chef you’re destined to be.

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