Whipped Cream: Soft Peaks vs Medium Peaks vs Stiff Peaks

Whipped Cream — How to whip to soft peaks, medium peaks, and firm peaks.

Whipped Cream: Soft Peaks vs Medium Peaks vs Stiff Peaks

To make great whipped cream, use heavy cream (minimum 36% fat) and be sure the bowl, beaters, cream, and any flavorings are well chilled. Start beating the cream on a lower speed until the whisk leaves a trail, then, if making sweetened whipped cream, gradually beat in the sugar and any flavorings. At that point, increase the speed to medium-high and beat to the desired stage.

SOFT PEAKS barely hold their shape, and the peaks flop over as soon as the beaters are lifted.

MEDIUM PEAKS hold their shape fairly well, but the tip of the peaks curl slightly when the beaters are lifted.

STIFF PEAKS (or firm peaks) stand straight up when the beaters are lifted, and the tips don’t curl.

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