What is Furikake?

What's in furikake? What is furikake used for? Learn all about this popular seasoning blend!

What is furikake?


A Japanese condiment made especially for sprinkling onto rice, furikake [foo-ree-KAH-keh] has become quite popular. It’s made from dried ingredients and like many spice blends, it’s packaged in jars with a shaker-like top.

There are numerous varieties of furikake. In fact, entire sections of some ethnic markets are dedicated to it. The most basic variations contain dried seaweed (aka nori), sesame seeds, sugar, salt, and sometimes bonito flakes. Other ingredients you might find are dried wasabi, shiso, miso, roe, egg, potato, corn, and kimchi, just to name a few. Not only does furikake provide a salty, umami element, it has some nutrition from the seaweed and sesame seeds, too. You can make your own furikake at home, and that way you control the ingredients that go into it.

While rice is this trendy seasoning’s main squeeze, try sprinkling it on top of whatever your heart desires — popcorn, ramen, fried eggs, pasta, salad, soup, and French fries. Or, mix it into some mayo for a hamburger topper like no other.

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