Types of Crabmeat

Canned crabmeat comes in multiple varieties. Here's a quick rundown on their qualities, including how they differ.

Types of Crabmeat

Buying canned crabmeat can be a great, convenient way to enjoy crab without tediously picking through shells of boiled crabs for what turns out to be a pretty measly pile of meat. You can buy ready-to-eat pasteurized crab in a few different forms.


    Lump and backfin are from the back body chambers of the crab, so the pieces are large and intact. Jumbo lump crabmeat is pricier and the pieces can be kept intact for cocktail presentations or in sautés, while super lump and backfin crabmeat are perfect for crab cakes, dips, or casseroles.
    Claw meat is from, of course, the claws. Its flavor is stronger and the meat is darker and more shredded than the others — but it's cheaper. Ultimately, what you buy comes down to what you want to spend. Just don't use the tins of crab in the tuna aisle — you'll find it just isn't in the same league. You can typically find pasteurized crab at the meat counter.

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