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All About Tomatillos

Chances are tomatillos aren't your go-to ingredient or you don't use them often. Learn all about the berries with our tip.

Spanish for “little tomato,” tomatillos [tohm-ah-TEE-ohs] look like green tomatoes, but they’re not. These fruits are a type of berry from the nightshade family, along with eggplant and potatoes.

Purchase tomatillos with tight-fitting husks covering firm, blemish-free flesh. Shriveled husks are a sure sign that the tomatillos have passed their prime. Remove the husks and wash the flesh to get rid of the sticky film.

Store tomatillos in the fridge, husks on, in a paper bag up to two weeks, or without their husks up to one month. “Quick-freeze” whole or sliced tomatillos on a parchment-lined baking sheet, then transfer them to a resealable plastic bag and freeze up to six months.

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