How to Make Vanilla Sugar

Have leftover used vanilla bean pods? Don't toss them! Here's how to make homemade vanilla sugar from your spent vanilla pod.

How to Make Vanilla Sugar

How to Make Vanilla Sugar with Granulated Sugar

After removing seeds from a vanilla pod, save the pod to flavor sugar. The pods retain essential oils that carry the vanilla flavor, which they impart to the sugar. You'll notice the subtle taste of vanilla in a few days. Try it; it really works!

Use the flavored sugar in tea or coffee, or in place of granulated sugar in baking. The same technique will work for powdered sugar.

How to Make Vanilla Sugar with Powdered Sugar

To flavor powdered sugar with vanilla, store a split vanilla bean in it. Keep the bean in the sugar for at least two weeks to impart a strong vanilla flavor, then sprinkle the sugar over pastries and desserts. Icing made with vanilla-flavored powdered sugar is whiter in color—there’s no need to add dark vanilla extract!

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