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Best Holiday Baking Tools

Handy Baking Tools

OFFSET SPATULA: The bent blades of these spatulas are handy tools for spreading dough, icing, and transferring decorated and delicate cookies. They come in a variety of sizes — both large and small ones are useful.

BENCH KNIFE: The sturdy blade of this “knife” is terrific for scraping off work surfaces, flipping dough as it’s rolled out, and making clean, straight cuts when removing bars from pans and portioning.

CANDY THERMOMETER: When it comes to candy thermometers, don’t be fooled into thinking you need a high-tech model. The cheaper, Plain-Jane models work just as well. Do be sure to use one that clips onto the side of your candy-making pot for contant measurement. And, choose one that specifies it’s for candy-making (it will withstand the heat of boiling sugar temperatures of up to 310 degrees), not a meat thermometer.

Equipment/Special Ingredients Needed

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