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Hot & Cold Food Safety

Keeping your food properly chilled at a get-together is important for the safety of yourself and your guests.

Keep Cold Foods Cold

    From BBQ meat to mayonnaise-based salads, many foods must be kept cold until they're on the grill or table. If this isn't possible, adjust your menu. Otherwise, transport covered containers of food in thermoses and coolers filled with ice cubes, ice packs, or frozen water bottles (which you can enjoy later). At meal time, set cold dishes on plastic ice packs covered with a napkin.

Keep Hot Dishes Hot

    Did you know that coolers can also be used for hot foods? To minimize air space, find the smallest cooler your dish (or dishes) will fit in. Bake the dish just before leaving your house, then immediately cover it with foil, wrap it in a heavy towel, and put it in the cooler.

Keep Beverages Separate

    Since you don't want to keep opening a cooler of temperature-sensitive food, that's not the place for drinks. Instead, use a separate cooler or ice buckets.

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