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How to Seed Tomatoes

Love tomatoes but hate seeding them? Here’s a tip for doing it quickly and efficiently.

There are a couple reasons why a recipe may call for seeded tomatoes — to prevent a liquidy dish or create a smoother texture. Here's how to seed tomatoes easily and efficiently: First, cut the tomato correctly. It should be cut crosswise across its equator, not from top to bottom. This exposes all of the seeds. If you're cooking the tomato in a sauce, you can just squeeze out the seeds. But for attractive diced pieces that will be used fresh, scoop the seeds out with your finger.

Here’s a more gentle solution — a chopstick! First, slice the tomato in half across its middle. This opens up all the seed chambers. If you cut it from top to bottom, you’ll be fishing around for trapped seeds. Now simply use either end of the chopstick to push the seeds out and into a bowl.


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