How to Properly Open a Champagne Bottle

How to Properly Open a Champagne Bottle

Blowing the cork off a bottle of champagne is great if you want to waste all the bubbly that comes gushing out and risk putting someone’s eye out with the cork. Here’s a more effective method.

Before getting started, be sure the bottle is thoroughly chilled and hasn’t been agitated—it’s like soda and will fizz when opened. First, peel off the foil covering the wire cage and cork. From this point on, it’s a good idea to keep a thumb on the cork in case it tries to pop out on its own. Next, remove the cage that holds the cork down by twisting the tab that loosens, then remove the cage. Firmly grip the cork with a cloth napkin, angle the bottle away from people, then slowly turn the bottom of the bottle (not the cork) until you hear and feel a little “pop.”

This quiet pop, as opposed to a loud one, means you have prevented a lot of gas from escaping. And that means you’ll have more bubbles in your glass. Cheers!

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