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How to Take the Bite Out of Raw Garlic

Want to mellow the harsh bite of raw garlic? Use this tip to tame its pungent flavor and get the most out of this culinary staple.


Garlic is a culinary staple in cuisines across the world, but a pungent hit of raw garlic can throw an entire dish out of balance and make it too intense.

If the garlic you’re using is a little old, you can count on it also being very strong. To tone it down a bit, peel the garlic, and then drop it in boiling water for 3 to 5 minutes. The longer it boils, the milder it becomes. That little green shoot that you find sometimes inside older garlic is a new stem indicating that the garlic is old. Like an onion sprouting. It’s best to remove it, as it tends to be a little bitter.

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