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How To Keep Avocados from Turning Brown

Avocados are a favorite ingredient in many dishes, but once cut they turn brown quickly. Use this simple DIY tip to keep avocados and other fruits and veggies from turning brown.

How To Keep Avocados from Turning Brown

Keep strained fresh lemon juice in a spray bottle to squirt on cut fruits and vegetables to prevent browning. Simply juice lemons, strain out the pulp and seeds, and pour into a spray bottle. It will keep in the refrigerator for 2–3 weeks.

Citrus juice is great for spraying on chopped lettuce for salad, and over cut artichokes. Try lime juice spray on avocados or orange juice spray on fruit salad. It adds flavor as well as protects the fruit from turning brown.

You can even use citrus spray on fish, chicken, and veggies like asparagus while grilling — it works great!

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