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How to Grind Chicken For Burgers-Without a Meat Grinder!

Ground chicken can be difficult to find at the store, but it's easy to make yourself with a food processor and these simple tips.

Ground chicken is a leaner alternative to ground beef or pork, but be sure to use white meat chicken. You can purchase boneless, skinless chicken breasts and ask the butcher to grind them for you, or — for the most control over texture and consistency — grind the chicken yourself in a food processor. Simply remove any excess fat and cartilage from the chicken, cut it into pieces about the size of ice cubes, and pulse until coarsely chopped. Take care not to over-chop, or you'll end up with meat too finely ground to work into burgers.


    For best results, grind the chicken when it's partially frozen — thawed enough that you can cut it, but still solid. Finally, be sure to add plenty of seasoning — chicken has a milder flavor than other meats, making it a perfect choice for any dish, but it does require a fair amount of salt and pepper to taste good.

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