3 Tips to Keep Asparagus Fresh for Longer

Keep your spring asparagus fresher longer with these 3 tips on how to store them until you're ready to cook!

3 Tips to Keep Asparagus Fresh for Longer

Asparagus is easy to keep for an extended period if you do a few things: keep the tops dry, the stem ends wet, and stand the bundle upright in the fridge.

Here’s what to do:

First, fold a paper towel into a square, moisten it with cold water, and wrap it over the cut ends of the bunch. Then place the bundle in a plastic bag and tie it closed (if the asparagus is too long for the bag, trim a little from the stems).

Finally, stand the bag upright in a glass and refrigerate. Re-moisten the towel every couple of days to keep the stems wet. Wash the spears only before cooking them—otherwise they could turn slimy.

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