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How to Choose a Melon

Cantaloupe is the most popular type of melon, but how do you find one that tastes best? Here are some easy pointers!

There are many techniques you can use for testing the quality of a melon, and all are important to ensure you find the freshest, most perfect melon in the store.

First, smell it. A melon should smell appetizing and fruity, not moldy. Next, shake it. You should hear loose seeds, but you don't want the entire contents to be sloshing around. Third, squeeze it. The ends should feel tender, not wet or mushy. Finally, tap it — the melon should sound hollow.

Look for a symmetrically shaped melon that is heavy for its size and evenly colored. Refrigerate ripe melon, wrapped in plastic, up to 1 week until ready to eat. And wash your melon thoroughly before eating it, as bacteria on the rind can be transferred to the fruit when you cut into it.

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