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All-Purpose Brushes for Cleaning

Toothbrushes and paint brushes may seem like they have no place in the kitchen—but they can be indispensable in cleaning and food prep. Here's a few ways to use these all-purpose brushes in your own kitchen.

Use toothbrushes in the kitchen to clean sharp food processor blades and other equipment. They also work well on tough to clean vegetables like fennel, celery, and leeks. Those bristles are plenty tough to scrub away dirt, but gentle enough so they don’t harm the vegetable’s skin. You can also use them to clean your garlic press.

Graters are one of the most often used kitchen tools, but cleaning one can take as long as the grating job itself. Next time, try using a dry pastry or vegetable brush to clean the holes. This is also a great way to clean the small holes of garlic presses or between the blades of a pastry blender.


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