All About Shrimp Count

The system of numbering shrimp isn't standardized, so how do you know what size to buy? Here's what we suggest.

All About Shrimp Count

The market terms used to refer to different sizes of shrimp can vary by region — and often even by store — so it’s no wonder why many people are confused about what those terms mean.


    Shrimp are typically labeled by size — jumbo, large, etc. — and by a number range. The numbers refer to the amount of shrimp of that size it takes to make up a pound. So, for example, shrimp labeled 10–15 would be larger in size and fewer in number than those labeled 21–30.
    The problem with labeling shrimp by size is that it’s inconsistent. While one store labels 16–20 shrimp “extra large,” another store may do the same with 26–30 shrimp. So while you can use the size as a general guideline, always buy by the count (the number of shrimp in one pound) instead.

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