Lime Drop Shot with White Claw Lime Hard Seltzer


Lime Drop Shot with White Claw Lime Hard Seltzer

Hard seltzer water is a popular canned cocktail that’s flooded the market. Whether you’re already on board or just curious, these easy recipes turn the bubbly beverage into some of our new favorite refreshing cocktails, like this splashy lime drop shot.


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One can of seltzer is enough for two cocktails; just make sure it’s well chilled.

Be mindful: While these cocktails are mixed with what seems like flavored club soda — given their “attitude,” one cocktail is more like having a beer and a shot.


Pour seltzer into a wide, tall, highball glass about two-thirds full.

Pour Malibu and dark rums into a small shot glass.

Drop filled shot glass into seltzer when ready to serve.

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