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Table of Contents

Tips & Techniques4

Grilled Lamb Chops6

There's nothing better than good lamb chops. I grilled these using a classic technique.


Eggplant is a beautiful vegetable with an ugly name. These recipes will make it more appealing.

Pita Bread18

There's a big difference between the stuff you buy in stores and this fresh, hot pita bread.

Vidalia Onions20

Vidalia onions are a "rite of spring." What makes them so special that we can't wait until they arrive?

Vidalia Onion Recipes22

Next to eating it raw, here are two recipes that'll show off Vidalia's natural sweetness.

California Rolls24

They're colorful, healthy, and entertaining. Make them with friends for appetizers or entrees.

Food Processors32

Seafood Salads34

These three seafood salads are perfect for hot weather. They make a great main course.

Questions & Answers38

What's happening in food40

New York Cheesecake41

I experimented with hundreds of recipes until I could confidently label this New York cheesecake.

Topping a Cheesecake44