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Table of Contents

Roll With It4

We share our best-tasting dinner rolls ever and our flour of choice, plus tricks of the trade for accurate measuring.

Redefining Alfredo6

Primo taste, half the calories: Dinner doesn't get any better.

Tomato Vinaigrette7

From our Readers: Tips & Timesavers8

A super-speedy dessert sauce; tricks for making french fries, thawing chicken, and more - plus a favorite Cuisine recipe.

Online Extras

Chocolate Bread Pudding

Greek Salsa Chicken9

Magic Beans10

The more of them you eat, the greater the health benefits.


What does it mean to "sweat"? What's the difference between curry powder and curry paste? The bottom line on convection cooking, how to buy fennel, and more.

Pan-Seared Flatiron Steak14

Chicken Salad with Orange & Fennel16

Orange Freeze17

Vegetarian for a day18

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner: Try three inspired meals that taste terrific and let you give meat a day off.

Caprese Eggs 'Benedict'20

Pozole Burritos21

Online Extras

Avocado-Cilantro Crema

Mulligatawny Risotto with coconut-crusted tofu22

Try Some Dim Sum24

Who doesn't adore elegant, exotic little Asian dumplings? We spill the secrets for making these spectacular-looking, great-tasting Cantonese delights in your own kitchen.

Wheat Flour Dough and Wheat Starch Dough25

Beef Dumplings with Scallions26

Shrimp Dumplings with Bamboo Shoots27

Pot Stickers27

Chile Garlic Oil27

Soy Sesame Dipping Sauce27

Mushroom Dumplings28

Bun Dough30

Barbecued Pork Buns31

French crepes32

Smoked Salmon Crepes34

Ham, Asparagus & Swiss Cheese Crepes with mustard sauce35

Portable power36

We take hand-held mixers for a spin. Learn which ones we like best and why.

BLT (Bacon, Leek & Tomato) Souffle38

White Bean & Spinach Souffles40

Chocolate Almond Souffles41

Rhubarb-Apple Crisp42

A sparkling dessert that's a springtime jewel.

Sit-Down Sunday Dinner44

Rosemary-Crusted Potatoes46

Strawberry Salad with Pecans & Feta Cheese46

Snap Pea Sauté47

Classic Carrot Cake48

Crab Shack Delicacy50

Crab cakes take a back seat to this regional specialty