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Table of Contents

Tips and techniques4


Tender braised veal served with gremolada. A classic Italian dish puts you in the heart of Milan.


The Italian version of dumplings. Learn to make potato, spinach, and semolina gnocchi.

Maple Syrup16

Couture's maple syrup is smoother than velvet. See how they make it.

Buttermilk Pancakes18

I'll teach you the three secrets to making a truly light pancake.


Apprehensive about baking bread? It's almost impossible to mess up this classic focaccia.

Fish en Papillote24

En papillote is unique. No pans, fast, low-fat, and makes a great presentation.

Shrimp and scallops en papillote28

Working with Chocolate30

Learn chocolate basics so you can dip strawberries or recreate our cover.

Espresso Machines34


This isn't froufrou stuff. Learn how to buy and make /real/ espresso.

Spinach Potato Soup38

This is a great, low-fat alternative to cream soups. The base is thickened with potato.

What's happening in food39

Questions & Answers40

Chocolate Espresso Torte42

Don't just make this for Valentine's Day. It works great the other 364 days.

Torte with Raspberry Sauce44