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Table of Contents


All Hail King Salmon!6

Uninspiring salmon dishes have you feeling like you’re swimming up stream? Try these no-fail recipes for perfect fillets.

Sake steamed salmon8

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Pan roasted salmon10

Honey-lemon grilled chicken12

Simple and splendid, these thin chicken cutlets glazed with lemon and honey are a wonderful way to bring on spring.

Roasted mussels and potatoes14

Why should restaurant chefs have all the fun? Try roasting mussels at home!

Bring Back Cube Steak!16

Cube steak is the Cinderella of the culinary world. These two recipes turn humble cuts into satisfying dinners.

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Braised Short Ribs

Meat Tenderizers

Stellar swiss steak18

Goat cheese polenta and chowchow relish19

Beef stroganoff20

Jamaican java grill22

Bathing suit season is coming, but don't resign yourself to a diet of celery sticks. This meal is lighter than it looks!

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Frenching Lamb

Sauteed greens and coconut corn muffins24

Piña colada granita25

Mixing bowls and spatulas26

It's easy to take utensils for granted. But this article will shed light on the importance of good bowls and spatulas.

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Mixing Bowls and Spatulas

All About Eggs28

This culinary cornerstone doesn't usually get a second thought. But it's time to put eggs in the spotlight — they're incredible!

Blue corn blueberry pancakes30

Banish the box! Homemade pancakes are your guarantee to a great day.

Bacon & egg pastries32

Creamy eggs encased in tender puff pastry — morning never tasted so good.

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Late Winter Fruit Salad

Basic Recipes34

From simple blender hollandaise to homemade chorizo, here are four recipes you'll be glad to have up your sleeve.

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Basic Chocolate Brownies

Sesame crusted pork chops36

French onion soup38

Curried potato & pea samosas40

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Forming Samosas

Spring risotto42

Vegetables take center stage in these dishes. They are guaranteed to get a standing ovation.

Potato-zucchini soup43

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Baked Potato Soup

Moroccan couscous44

Garden tortilla wraps45

Q & A46

Sky High Pie48

This is it, the lemon meringue pie you've been dreaming about. Sure, it takes some time to make, but it's worth every second.

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Blind Baking

Limoncello mint lemonade52

Here’s a great way to use that bottle of limoncello you bought to make the pie!