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Table of Contents

Tips and techniques4

Coke-brined grilled chicken6

Yes, Coke! It makes a great brine. And by grilling the chicken with a cast iron skillet on top, you’ll get an extra crispy crust.

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Butterflying Chicken

Dipping Sauces9

Cheesy Grits Souffle11

Apple-Bacon Salad11

Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato Bucatini with garlic bread crumbs12

Warmer weather doesn’t mean the end of pasta season. This dish, with its hints of a favorite summertime sandwich, is proof.

Orange and red onion salad13

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Preparing Oranges

Primavera with seared seafood14

Outrageous burgers & beans16

Onion-stuffed and oozing with cheese, these big, beefy burgers will blow your mind. Open wide—really wide!

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Forming Burgers

Fried Vegetable Appetizers20

With these three crispy vegetable starters, eating your greens has never been so fun!

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Double-Dipped Onion Rings

Fresh Tomato Relish

Roasted Garlic Mayonnaise

Measuring cups and spoons24

Take the guesswork out of choosing a set of measuring tools. Check out which ones are featured in this issue’s review.

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Measuring Cups and Spoons

Proper Measuring

Pork cutlets Diane26

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Trimming Tenderloin

Smashed red potatoes with spring herbs27

Fizzy chicken with lemon vinaigrette28

Vegetable Melange29

Vegetarian Thai curry30

Thai cucumber salad31

Cinnamon rolls32

These gooey jumbo rolls blow the mall variety out of the water. Finally, a legitimate excuse to stay in on Sunday morning.

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Rolling Cinnamon Rolls

Pecan roll monkey bread36

Basic techniques38

Make these fundamentals part of your kitchen repertoire: Folding in, brining, cooking polenta or grits, and peeling garlic.

Slow-poached halibut40

To a dieter, the words “poached fish” can be discouraging. But this light, flavorful dish will keep you on track—happily!

Melon crostini with prosciutto and arugula42

Mango crisps43

Questions & answers44

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Purchasing Tamarind


Here’s all you need to know about buying and cooking with cream, how it’s made, what labels mean, and whipping.

Dreamy cream horns48

Bring back old memories or, better yet, create new ones with this bakery classic.

Southern sweet tea52

Brew up a pitcher of this golden, sweet-as-honey tea, then sit back, relax, and enjoy the start of another great summer.