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Table of Contents

Tips and techniques4

Whiskey glazed corned beef6

Tired of traditional boiled corned beef dinners? Try this BBQ’d version instead. With the side dishes, it’s a St. Patty’s Day feast.

Whipped Parsnips and Potatoes8

Sweet 'n Sour Cabbage with maple, bacon, and lemon8

Reuben hush puppies stuffed with Swiss cheese9

Spicy breakfast hash10

Creole stuffed shrimp with mustard sauce, braised greens & black-eyed peas12

This New Orleans-inspired dinner gives the phrase "Big Easy" a whole new meaning.

Crispy fish tacos with apple slaw and lemony tartar sauce14

Not sure about fish in your taco? Don’t worry. These flavors will reel you in!

Stuffed turkey breast16

Turkey isn't just for the holidays! Put a new spin on and old favorite with this technique.

Online Extras

Boning a Turkey Breast

Parmesan Orzo

Almond Orange Couscous

Risi E Bisi Pilaf

Cajun turkey roulade with shrimp and cornbread stuffing18

Sauteed Spring Carrots19

Mediterranean turkey roulade with spinach-pita bread stuffing20

If you like the bright, sunshine-soaked flavors of Greek food, then this turkey roulade is made for you!

Citrus chicken fricassee with new potatoes and baby vegetables22

This three-course menu proves that cutting down on fat and calories doesn't require cutting out great flavor in the process.

Spring garden salad with white wine vinaigrette24

Creamy rice pudding25

Kitchen timers26

A reliable timer is critical for keeping busy cooks on track. Here's the buzz on their features and what to look for.

Online Extras

Kitchen Timers


There's more to this fruit than what meets the eye. Shredded coconut and coconut milk are just the beginning.

Online Extras

Coconut Products

Basic techniques30

Read these helpful kitchen hints on how to check oil temperature, toast coconut, work with cabbage, and pound out meat.

Steak milanese32

Garlic Linguine33

Top-notch salmon cakes34

Creamed Asparagus35

Blackened Ham Steak36

Mini Cheddar Biscuits37

Curried new potato and pea soup38

Pasta and new potatoes with haricots verts and spring herb pesto.39

New potato & shrimp salad with fennel, spring herbs, and lemon vinaigrette40

Spanish New Potato Flatbread with red pepper sauce and herbed goat cheese41

Questions & answers42

Breakfast Panini44

Wake up and smell the sandwiches - these eye-opening recipes will get your day going.

Breakfast Panini with chowchow45


Chipotle bacon breakfast sandwich with tomato avocado salsa46

Triple coconut cake with tangy pineapple icing and fruit salsa48

Tangy Pineapple Icing with lime zest50

Fruit Salsa50

"Almond Joy" Cupcakes51

Breakfast bruschetta52

Forget toast and jelly - cinnamon toast with berries and tangy cream is a delightful brunch "hors d'oeuvre" or light dessert.