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Table of Contents

Tips and techniques4

Tenderloin of Beef6

You can't miss with this festive tenderloin filled with spinach and mushrooms.


Even if you're not an oyster fan, you'll love these flavorful and colorful hot appetizers.

B├ęchamel Sauce15

Number 2 in my series on the Mother Sauces. It's simple to prepare and very versatile.

12 Gift Ideas for Cooks16

Lace Cookies18

They're cookies and more. Shape them and they become little desserts or garnishes.

Napkin Folds20

A Fan, Bird of Paradise and Crown -- I'll show you 3 elegent napkin folds.

Cinnamon Rolls22

Three sweet rolls from one sweet dough recipe. They're special when you get to eat them warm.

Cornish Game Hens26

Stuffed with wild rice & cornbread and served with pomegranate sauce.

Poached Pear Salad32

Pears, port wine, blue cheese -- an exceptional winter salad threesome.

Maytag Blue Cheese34

You won't believe where and how some of the best blue cheese is made.

Red Potato Appetizers36

The simple red potato makes a tasty basis for fun appetizers.


Breakfast in bed, brunch, lunch, or dinner. Popovers are surprisingly easy to make.

What's happening in food39

Questions & Answers40

Fruit Tart42

No matter what fruit you use, this tart is a winner. And don't worry, it only looks hard.

Lace Cookie Tarts44