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Table of Contents


The Alaskan king6

The king of the seas makes a regal addition to a summer dinner. You won't believe how easy crab legs are to make at home.

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Preparing Crab Legs

King Crab Legs

King crab -- million dollar legs8

King crab Louie sandwich10

Bricked cornish hen12

Have a brick handy? Use it on a Cornish game hen. This little bird makes the perfect amount for two -- and it cooks in a flash.

Grilled lamb chops14

If you only use your grill once this summer, try these lamb chops -- they're superb!

Smoking brisket16

You don't have to be a BBQ professional to make beef brisket this incredible. But everyone who tastes it will think you are!

Smoked brisket sandwich19

Saturday summer strata20

The Jamisons show us how to make an almost effortless weekend breakfast that's worth getting out of bed for.

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Unmolding Strata

Breakfast lemonade23

Meet the turners24

Turners come in a vast array of shapes, sizes, and materials -- learn what to look for.

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Get the facts about your morning brew: how to buy beans, the best way to store them, and what it takes to brew a great cup.

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Coffee Beans

Cappuccino mousse28

Coffee and dessert -- it's a classic pairing. But how about coffee *as* the dessert? Try this mousse to see how that idea comes to life.

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Beating to Ribbons

Basic techniques30

Like a few good kitchen tools, a few kitchen tips can make a big difference in the way you cook. Check out these helpful hints.

Pork chops with blackberry sauce32

Grilled salmon salad ni├žoise34

Sensational summer pasta36

Summer wraps38

Sure, you've seen wraps before, but not like these! Here are four new interpretations that are bound to become favorites.


Tamale corn cakes42

The only strike against good tamales is the time it takes to make them. This recipe has the flavor and festivity without all the work.

Corn flan with spicy shrimp45

Elegant and easy -- how often can you say that about a main dish? This interesting take on flan makes an ideal summer entree.

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Using a Water Bath

Summer fruit tart48

Talk about a head-turner! Piled with the season's best berries, this uniquely flavored tart will make a lasting impression at your next party.

Iced Irish coffee52

Keep sultry summer nights at bay with this icy, chocolate-laced version of a classic.