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Table of Contents


Little bites6

With these show-stopping appetizers, all you need at your next party are a few cocktails and plenty of friends.

Steak rumaki8

Prosciutto shrimp9

Crusted goat cheese10

Asian chicken skewers11

Spring roll salad12

Want to know what a "deconstructed" spring roll tastes like? Try this unique and refreshing salad to find out.

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Crispy Wontons

Bread bowl salad14

This edible bowl is actually worth eating -- it's almost as good as the salad inside!

The art of roulades16

It's a fancy name, but the truth is, these stuffed and rolled cutlets are easy to make. Try them with either pork or chicken.

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Making Roulades

Fontina & arugula roulades18

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Buttery Pine Nuts

Chicken Parmesan roulades20

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Making Garlic Paste

The Schlow Burger22

Holy cow -- it's a Schlow burger! Crispy onions and creamy horseradish sauce elevate this hamburger to new heights.

Creamy confetti potato salad25

Weighing kitchen scales26

After extensive testing, we found one brand far outweighed the rest.

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Kitchen Scales


Where would we be without onions? Don't take this kitchen staple for granted -- they're worth their weight in gold.

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Dicing Onions

Onion rings30

I can't think of anything I like more than a big pile of hot onion rings. This recipe sets the standard for them everywhere.

Basic Techniques32

Learn the fundamentals of good cooking here as you char peppers, sear steak, roast tomatoes, and cook a whole chicken to perfection.

Strawberry "cheesecake" pancakes34

Shrimp risotto with chive gremolata36

Curry Roasted Drumsticks38

Quick grills40

Brush off the grill and get ready for another season of outdoor cooking with these four simple, yet interesting recipes.


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Clotted Cream

Grilled steak sandwiches44

Packed with flavor and a cinch to make, you'll find yourself coming back to these steak sandwiches over and over again.

Cowboy steak sandwich45

Italian Steak Sandwich46

Timeless trifle48

Feel the need to recapture your youth? Try these trifles -- they taste almost like banana splits from the corner drugstore!

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Tempering Eggs

Piping Cream

Honeydew 'rita52

Bring on summer! This sweet cocktail is sure to put a little olé in your next fiesta!