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Buying lamb6

Brush up on your lamb lingo or venture into uncharted territory for a change. Lamb is tasty, tender, and versatile for cooking.

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Buying Lamb

Spring lamb stew8

This delicate stew is a great way to bridge the gap between winter and spring.

Spiced lamb skewers10

A new preparation for a popular and classic cut of lamb -- make it in less than an hour!

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Double Skewering

Chicken with mushrooms and artichokes12

This recipe proves that chicken breasts don't have to be boring -- or difficult to prepare.

Steak with bacon vinaigrette and blue cheese14

Intriguing flavor and innovative technique are the hallmarks of this steak dish.

Quiche fit for a king16

Contrary to popular belief, quiche really can be a man's meat! These three versions put a little muscle back into this classic egg dish.

3 quiche, 3 salads, 3 menues20

Quiche can certainly stand on its own, but it doesn't have to. These three simple side salads help complete the picture -- deliciously.

Paring knives22

We tested 42 paring knives and found five that are truly a cut above the rest.

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Paring Knives

Wolfgang Puck: Gourmet pizza from a pro24

Once you've made Wolfgang's simple gourmet pizzas, home delivery isn't going to cut it anymore. This is pure Wolfgang!

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Food processor pizza dough

Hand-kneaded pizza dough

Pizza with barbecued beef & onions26

Roasted garlic and wild mushroom pizza26

Pizza with prosciutto & arugula27

Pizza with sausage, fennel & peppers27

Grains of rice28

All rice is not created equal, but it's hard to tell the difference just by looking at the bag. Here's a guide to help you know what you're getting.

Fried chicken30

I can't tell you how good this chicken is. Just follow this recipe and taste what simple seasonings and a little skill can put on the dinner table.

Classic fried chicken Sunday dinner33

Tomato gravy34

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Milk (Sawmill) Gravy

Rice pilaf with collards35

Cilantro scampi with cheddar biscuits36

Chicken & spinach salad wrap38

Beans, greens & sausage40


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Peeling Pear Onions

Cleaning Leeks

Basic Techniques44

Blindbaking, separating eggs, and cutting up a whole chicken... three techniques made simple with helpful hints and easy-to-follow steps.

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Cutting up a Chicken

Picnic sides46

Whether you're thinking picnic or simple dinner, these sensational side dishes are fried chicken's perfect companions.

Pineapple meringue pie48

This season when it comes to dessert, push the envelope a little and try this pie. You just may have a new spring tradition on your hands!

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Making Meringue

Meringue clouds52

Strawberry shortcake may've met its match in these light, airy, sweet meringues topped with berries and whipped cream.