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Table of Contents


Wrap & roll: lettuce wraps6

These little packets of flavor are the party food of the year! Make them yourself and see how easy it is to have restaurant-style food in your own home.

Five-spice beef wraps7

"Hot wings" wraps8

Choosing & cooking fresh tuna10

There's nothing complicated about buying fresh tuna and cooking it to perfection. Here's your guide to the fish dinner of your dreams.

Ginger spiced grilled tuna with wasabi butter12

You'll be hard-pressed to find a better method than grilling for cooking tuna. The grill really accentuates the Asian flavors in the marinade.

Orange-cucumber salad14

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Supreming Citrus

Sesame rice cakes14

Hot tuna salad15

The meaty qualities of tuna make it ideal for big flavors, like this Cajun-spiced salad.

Pasta & mussels16

Don't shy away from cooking mussels at home. This simple pasta is worth branching out for!

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Cleaning Mussels

Pasta & shrimp18

Bright, sunny Greek flavors are everywhere in this pasta dish. It just tastes like warm weather.

Super salads20

This is prime salad season, but give your old stand-bys a break -- these two are something else.

Spring salad & strawberries20

Corn cakes & greens22

Chris Schlesinger24

Get the goods on grilling shrimp from the man who does it so well. Chris isn't shy about flavors so be prepared for quite a mouthful!

Cutting boards: wood vs. plastic28

It's the burning question we all have: What type of cutting board is best for my kitchen? This article will help you sort it all out so you can make an informed decision.

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Cutting Boards

Basic Cuisine30

All you've ever wanted to know about getting mussels ready for cooking, pitting avocados, preparing asparagus, and using gelatin.

Bacon-wrapped turkey filet mignons32

Slow-roasted chipotle salmon34

Steak bruschetta with arugula aioli36

Fab crab38

Is crab a convenience food? If it's pasteurized crabmeat, it sure is! These three recipes put this luxurious ingredient in the spotlight.

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Folding Wontons



It's easy to take peppercorns for granted. But this article illustrates just how interesting and complex the spice can be.

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Peppercorns and Mill

Burger au poivre44

Apply a classic French technique to classic diner fare and what do you get? A great burger!

Jelly roll47

Airy and light, this lemon jelly roll with strawberries and cream is the ultimate in springtime desserts.

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Rolling Jelly Roll

Lemon cake bites52