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Vertical roasting6

I admit, I was skeptical about vertical roasting. But juicy, tender chicken made me a believer -- you really can teach an old dog new tricks!

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Carving Poultry

Roasted chicken with spring vegetables and lemon-honey sauce7

The roasting method may be quirky, but there's nothing odd about vegetables and rich sauce served with honey-glazed chicken.

Margaret Fox: Huevos rancheros10

Margaret's unique poaching method puts a new spin on this traditional Mexican brunch dish. A lot of it is make-ahead too -- bonus!

Power juicers14

Making an investment in a power juicer isn't for everyone. But if you're thirsty for nutritious, fresh juice, read this article before buying one.

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Power Juicers

Stuffing flank steak16

With a few simple steps, an inexpensive cut of beef becomes a dinner worthy of company!

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Butterflying Flank Steak

Argentine stuffed flank steak18

In Argentina, beef is king. So what better place to look for inspiration and great flavor?

Bravas potatoes20

These spicy roasted potato wedges are the perfect complement to the South American flank steak.

All-American stuffed flank steak21

The technique doesn't change, but the flavors sure do! This "barbecued" stuffed flank steak is a full meal deal!

Mushroom ragù with soft polenta22

Traditional Italian ragù is loaded with meat -- but it doesn't have to be. This vegetarian recipe will satisfy the carnivore in all of us.

Curried lentil "burritos"24

Mexico and India may seem worlds apart, but they transcend borders in this meatless dish.

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Rolling a Burrito

Parmesan cheese26

We've come a long way since the green can of powdery cheese, but all the varieties of Parmesan make choosing hard. Here's what you need to know about buying it.

Simple Caesar salad28

Parmesan takes center stage in this revved up Caesar salad. You'll love the eggless dressing, crispy prosciutto, and cool croutons!

Basic Cuisine30

Expand your kitchen horizons as you learn about bouquet garni, toasting nuts, creaming butter, and tying a roast with surgeon's knots.

French onion salisbury steak32

Peperonata shrimp34

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Roasting Peppers

Greens & chops36


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Swiss Cheese Fondue

Artichokes with Aioli

Our favorite dinner rolls40

Yeast-intimidated cooks, have no fear! Once you pull these light, fluffy rolls from the oven, you'll never be afraid of bread baking again.

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Kneading Dough

Ham the way it should be43

Valuable tips for buying, baking, glazing, and carving the perfect ham.

Ham buying guide44

Rum and Coke-glazed ham45

Spiral-sliced hams may be convenient, but for flavor, they've got nothing on this glazed beauty!

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Carving Ham

Play it again ... ham46

It's inevitable -- bake a ham, then deal with the leftovers. So here are a few suggestions for stepping outside the "sandwich box."

Baby cakes48

Why should kids have all the fun? "Big kids" like cupcakes too. These two recipes are tailored to adult tastes while still maintaining kid-friendly criteria -- like lots of frosting!

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Sugared Pistachios

Buttermilk citrus shakes52