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Table of Contents


A holiday classic: glazed and roasted turkey6

Picture-perfect is one way to describe this bird, but it actually tastes as good as it looks.

Molasses lacquered roast turkey7

Make-ahead gravy9

Get a jump start on the holiday dinner with this gravy. Besides being convenient, it's delicious.

Corn bread dressing11

Give this corn bread dressing a shot -- it's so moist and good, you might just skip the turkey!

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Northern Corn Bread

Cranberry Chutney

Topped off sides12

Tired of rerun side dishes at every get-together? The twist on these familiar favorites is the toppings.

Green bean casserole with onion rings12

Corn pudding with Tabasco fried oysters14

Sweet potato bread pudding15

Stuffed pork loin16

Need a great alternative for your holiday table? This lean, succulent pork loin stuffed with flavorful polenta dressing can stand in proudly.

Dried cherry sauce20

Sesame tuna22

Cooking for two can be tough, but we're up to the challenge. This tuna dish is easy, elegant, and efficient -- no leftovers!

Caramel chicken24

Chicken breasts "bronzed" with caramel -- so awesome you'll wish you'd doubled the recipe.

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Cucumber-peanut Salad

Mary Ann Esposito26

Author, host, and creator of her own cooking show, Mary Ann gives you two good reasons to bump up your carb intake!

Penne with pistachios, asparagus, and cream27

Pappardelle with chicken, mushrooms, and wine28

Got turkey?30

A sandwich, entree, and two soups -- made with leftover turkey!

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Buttermilk Biscuits

Basic Cuisine32

How do you chop, dice, and mince? Or use a water bath? We'll show you, along with how to reduce liquids and use an egg wash.


How sweet it is!

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Specialty Sugars


No more "it looks done" temperature readings. These thermometers really perform.

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Breakfast strudel38

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Braiding Puff Pastry

Angel hair scampi40

Beef tip stroganoff42


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The basics of brûlée46

We take this restaurant favorite and make it lighter-tasting -- a perfect end to a big holiday meal.

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Vanilla crème brûlée47

Maple-pumpkin crème brûlée48

Lemon-ginger crème brûlée49

Feel the burn: how to brûlée50

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Using a Kitchen Torch

Chai eggnog52

All the comforts of home in a mug, flavored with spices from around the world.