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Table of Contents

Tips and Techniques4

Simple Sauce Stir-Fry6

Stir-fry without the hassle -- most of the preparation is done right in your blender.

Hot Hoisin Stir-Fry8

Sour Orange Stir Fry10

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Peeling and Deveining Shrimp

Pork and Tomato Stir-Fry11

Chicken & Dumplings12

Simple ingredients and basic techniques produce flavors that put this dish at the top of the list of American Classics.

Chicken and Tortilla Dumplings16

Carlos Guía -- Brunch at Commander's Palace18

Good brunch recipes are hard to come by. Here are two simple classics from the experts who wrote the book on brunch.

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Poaching Eggs


Carlos Guía -- Eggs Chaisson19

Carlos Guía -- Bananas Foster21

The Perfect Cup of Coffee22

The hunt for the perfect cup ends here. We did the jittering -- you do the reading!

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Coffee Makers

8-Layer Lasagna24

True Lasagna Bolognese takes hours to make. But fewer ingredients and less preparation time don't diminish this version's flavor.

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Basic Cuisine28

Blanching vegetables, pulping ginger, rehydrating mushrooms, and supreming citrus -- here are details on the techniques.

The Top 25 Foods That Influenced the Way We Eat30

America's culinary icons -- the foods that shaped our nation's eating habits. Making history at the table, one bite at a time.


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From sandwiches to main courses, four flavorful recipes made with mushrooms.

1-2-3 Weeknight40

Recipes good enough for weekend company but made for weeknight schedules -- lamb chops and jambalaya-stuffed peppers.


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Linguini alla Puttanesca

Q&A Sources

Heavenly Angel Food Cake46

One bite of this cake and you'll come to understand the meaning behind the name. It truly is other-worldly.

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Beating Egg Whites

Rocky Road Cake48

Take a decadent path with this angel food cake filled with chocolate-rum pudding and almonds. There will be no regrets!

Black Forest Parfaits52

Got leftover angel food cake? This great-looking, light-tasting (but rich!) parfait is the perfect way to end a meal.