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Table of Contents

Tips and Techniques4

Grilling Salmon6

Salmon -- America's most popular fish. Bring it outside this summer and grill it to perfection.

Cured Salmon with Chipotle-Cherry Glaze7

Cured for deep flavor, then basted and grilled with a spicy sauce, this barbecued salmon has soul.

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Herb Butter

Orange Butter

Lemon Shallot Butter

Citrust Marinated Salmon with Summer Greens10

Refreshing and light, this dish is just the thing for those nights when it's too hot to turn on the stove.

Pizza from the Grill12

You're just steps away from great pizza -- the secret is in your own backyard!

Stuffing a Chicken Breast16

Tired of typical barbecued chicken? Here's the technique for you -- simple to do and elegant to serve.

Beurre Blanc Sauce19

Don't let the French name scare you -- beurre blanc is much easier to make than pronounce! As a bonus, it's extremely versatile.

Indian-Style Stuffed Chicken Breast20

This stuffed, grilled chicken brings the flavors of India to you -- all with one quick trip to the grocery store.


There's more to a bottle of vanilla extract than meets the eye. Here's the story of this exotic spice.

Summer's Grilled Vegetables24

Grilling works wonders on mushrooms and eggplant. Now there's no excuse not to eat your vegetables!


You see /a lot/ of cucumbers in the summer. These four recipes are delicious ways to use up the surplus.

Basic Cuisine28

Want more information? Here are the details on peach peeling, mushroom grilling, tomato seeding, and mango dicing.

Fresh Corn Soups30

Fresh corn is king of late-summer produce. These soups give you two more reasons to enjoy it!

Ice Cream Makers32

Homemade ice cream isn't the chore it used to be. Check out /Cuisine/'s favorite no-ice, no-salt makers.

Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream34

Three awesome ice creams straight from the guys who know their stuff. You /will/ scream for these ice creams!

Summer Peach Pie38

Making pie with fresh fruit is a rite of summer. Celebrate the season by making this spectacular pie.


Watermelon Sippers44

Battle summer's heat with this thirst quencher made with watermelon ice cubes.