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Table of Contents

Tips and techniques4

Grilling Steak6

Grilling a great steak starts with picking quality meat. I'll tell you how.

Pan-Fried Steak & Beurre Rouge Sauce10

Frying a steak? You bet. Especially after tasting the sauce that goes with it.

Sweet Corn12

There's a reason why it's called sweet corn. I'll tell you why and then give you three "sweet" recipes.

Grain Salads16

Of course grain salads are good for you. But these three salads taste good too.

Fried Chicken20

My family has used the same recipe forever. But after tasting, I changed. Mom, I'm coming over.

German Potato Salad23

The warm vinegar-based sweet sauce makes German potato salad flavorful and unique.

Lemon Sorbet24

This sweet and tart sorbet will pick up your taste buds and make 'em dance.

Electric Ice Cream Makers26

3 Sandwiches for the Nineties28

Unusual homemade mayonnaises and great breads move these common sandwiches into the '90's.

Goat Cheese32

Understand the art of making this tangy cheese that's new to America.

Spanish Paella34

Authentic ingredients make the flavorful golden rice of real Spanish paella.

What's happening in food39

Questions & Answers40

Blueberry Lattice Top Pie42

Nothing but old-fashion good -- lattice top and all.

Making Leaves and a Braided Edging44